Friday, January 21, 2011

Why God Invented Perfume and Ponytails

Dear Reader -  You know you're having way too much fun starting your new business when the furniture assembly folks from Rehoboth Home Services call at 9:30 on a Thursday morning to say they're 15 minutes out, and you realize that you still haven't been able to get to the shower. In fact, you're wearing the same clothes that you put on two days ago:
Thank the stars above for Coco by Chanel and my trusty hair ties. I feel just like Elizabeth I.

Luckily for my friends, I burned my togs while dinner was baking last night. I feel much better now:

And so, before my own mind goes, I'm off to finalize the orders for my last three card lines and sing at Marcia Gibb's funeral. Have a good, clean Friday, Reader.  - Jen


  1. I still remember when your favorite scent was
    Lauren...funny how those things hang in our brain.

  2. Whoa! That's amazing, Todd! I guess I wasn't shy about dousing myself with perfume then, either, huh?!

    Your brain's in a rarefied randomalia retrieval mode this week, what with Lungers of Augusta and Jack's Mens Wear and now Lauren to boot! Must be all those essential fatty acids from the avocado . . .

  3. So sorry on the funeral, my last paternal direct to me family member died last night. An uncle.

    Hal was such a sweet AI, until that windoze designed worm got downloaded via Opened spam from his rich Nigerian cousin's lawyer.


    Dai zeeeee
    Give me your answer true


  4. Back at'cha regarding your uncle, Mr. Boxed Set. Losing the last of the previous generation is a strange and powerful sensation.

    Hal is creepy - and sad. - J

  5. what avacado??? (lol!)
    my recall isn't what it used to takes more time to access certain files...but there are some things that are stuck in there forever I think...just never the right things?!

  6. The avocado that went with the crusty bread you were munching on when "the revolutionary concept in furniture buying" flew into your brain, of course - my brain can have that randomalia trap thang goin' on as well! Happy Sunday, Todd! - J

  7. lol..sorrry.that was just me trying to be funny...
    sometimes we can remember things from 30 years ago and forget what we had for lunch yesterday.

  8. A joke!? Egad! I really am slowed and self-absorbed these days not to catch that one on the front end!

    I'm pretty sure I didn't get lunch yesterday . . . perhaps my brain's just compromised by a lack of essential fatty acids . . .


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