Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Slatwall Playlist

Dear Reader -  Several of my visitors over the weekend asked about what was playing on my stereo, and I just realized that I forgot to post my playlist for you - sorry! So, here's a belated listing of some of the accompaniments from my slatwall adventure.

First, there was Nellie McKay's Doris Day tribute album, Normal as Blueberry Pie:

If you're not already familiar with McKay's talent and wit, perhaps you'll enjoy her little ditty 'bout feminism (I heard it for the first time during this interview with Terry Gross:

I also played a little blues, putting on one of my favorite albums by Sean Costello, Moanin' for Molasses. Costello was a phenom, getting his break on one of my other favorite albums, Susan Tedeschi's Just Won't Burn. But after his death of an accidental drug overdose in 2008 (interesting to note that he was born and died the same years as Heath Ledger whose life ended similarly tragically), Sean's family revealed that this gentle soul had suffered from bipolar disorder. They've since established a memorial fund for bipolar research. Here he is doing one of his originals, Hard Luck Woman:

I also dismayed some of the passersby with one of my favorite albums from The Clash (but, man-o-man, Joe and the boys sure did move the cutting-in process along), Give 'Em Enough Rope. Here they are singing Stay Free and Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad (my favorite track from the album):

I mellowed it out a bit with a little Scottish invasion, playing Camera Obscura's album, Let's Get Out of this Country. Here's a sublime number from that one:

And then I shifted gears entirely to Rosanne Cash's gorgeous album, The List, which includes covers of a few of the top 100 American songs that her dad compiled for her on the day of her high school graduation. A few of the songs are collaborations - this one, Sea of Heartache, with Bruce Springsteen:

Finally, I rounded out the day with the amazing Bill Charlap Trio's Live at the Village Vanguard. Here they are at the Vanguard playing a totally mind-blowing version of In the Still of the Night - it's starts out kinda moody and mysterious, but it really gets kicking round 1:45, where his hands start to remind me of Art Tatum:

As you can guess from the number of hours that I put in on that slatwall and the pile o' CDs on the floor, there's a whole lotta more music to hear, but we'll just have to save that for another day - or stop in and visit us at biblion - you'll never know what'll be playing!  - Jenny

P.S. And here's a shot from Day Four. The yellow's making me feel mighty happy - and the ceiling . . . just look at that gorgeous ceiling!


  1. Nice looking shop Ms. Jen!
    I live. No pine box for me (yet)! Tukans for dropping by. I've been too busy doing my life survival tasks to post of recent. I dig older books as well and beside good music like collecting signed editions by the author/illistrator's own hands.
    Are you gonna sell music too in your sunshine yellow shop?
    My Brendel box set came, and it is Fab! Now I await my big complete Bach Box set that was recently rerelease after a 10 year time.

  2. Scale Worm! Mr. Boxed Set! So glad that vet didn't put you down - where else am I gonna get to trip across such happy, nostalgic ditties?

    Boxed sets, eh? I'm too much of a musical dilettante for boxed sets, I'm afraid. Most of my collection is a series of one-offs for each artist. I find me a favorite and snuggle down into it. Though one of those one-offs does happen to be a boxed set - the Magnetic Fields _69 Love Songs_ collection (and it is, of course, the only offering that I have from Stephin and his pals). Brendel is lovely - I had a two-disc collection of his Beethoven sonatas that was spirited away, along with some other faves, a decade or so ago - you've reminded me of how much I enjoyed them - perhaps it's time for Jenny to do a little shopping?

    As for music at biblion, I've been thinkin' on it - figure that I at least need to offer the tunes that I play in-house in order to be officially legal, right? My friend Dean is a major opera buff and thinks there'd be a market for rare opera vinyl . . . we'll see.

    The cool thing about this shop is how it keeps revealing itself to me, letting me know what to do at every turn - I figure that'll be the case with the tunage, too.

    I look forward to reading more of your reflections and hearing what you're listening to next. - J


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