Monday, January 17, 2011

Flooring 3.0 (or, that's an impressive grit you got there, Jenny)

Dear Reader -  So when I stopped in at the shop in Friday to check out the floor's progress, they were just getting started with the first sanding of the original floors. Because of the mind-bogglingly ample quantity of glue used to hold down that "vintage" commercial carpeting, it was taking a more impressive grit than I'd ever laid eyes on before to the the worst of it off:
(Please note the pretty new electrical plug in the background, dear Reader - I'm really, really happy 'bout all my new electrical devices that Dave Cannon from Seaside Electrical Service installed for me.)

The glue residue was sticking on everything, even folks' shoes (ick!), but it was, to my delight, coming off:

And while you can definitely see a difference between the vintage wood and the new stuff, Greg and Kristy Meili did a great job of getting the floors to match up as well as I imagine they could:

The floor to the left, that's more red and evenly colored, is the new stuff. Greg and Kristy are thinking that the darker stain color that I've chosen with Mr. Ted will really help to blend them.

I hear that the final sanding is done, the gaps are all filled, the stain is down, and the finish should be sock-walkable by the morning. I'm using all my big-girl self control to wait to see it 'till it's fully ready. But I'm planning on padding over there to snap a picture or two for you first thing, Reader.

In the meantime, I'm keeping myself chilled out with the album that Rocco DeLuca and Burden did with Lanois in '09:

Have a happy evening!  - Jen

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