Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another trip downtown (a further exploration of Lewes, Delaware)

Dear Reader -  So the next spot I thought I should travel in looking at downtown Lewes is the back hall of my own little building. This mid-19th century beauty houses a few homes upstairs and three stores down. Biblion faces onto Second Street, while its two other shops, Two Friends and the Beach Jetty, face onto Market:

You may remember, dear Reader, that we visited Two Friends once before, when we learned about Joan's high school days working at Britt's in the 50s. But we really didn't take the time to explore the shop's offerings that time.

Two Friends is awesome. To say that it has a friendly sort of vibe is an understatement, as the shop is owned by two friends (Carol, who happened to be there when I stopped in, and Marylou, who happens to live next door to me at home, too) and is run from day to day by two friends, too (the aforementioned Joan, as well as Jean, who was there unpacking new merchandise when I popped in the door).

(Please note, Reader, that I tried to snap pictures of the ladies for you, but most of the women whom I visited that day were not keen on having their photos taken - ah, well.)

The shop is filled with beautiful things to decorate and enhance your domicile. Here they have the last of their Christmas offerings at a happy markdown:

And a few steps further on is a cute display of some of their Valentine's gifts:

The Valentine display offers a great representation of the breadth of what you'll find at Two Friends, from their lovely collection of Mariposa to their clever coffee table books to their two rooms chock full of the latest Vera Bradley styles and colors:

It really is hard to pick a favorite thing amongst it all:

But, if I had to choose, my lover-of-words-and-phrases self would make a bee-line to the clever signs that are scattered around their walls. I adore them:

Like art, words can add a real sense of personality and warmth to a home, and that's what Two Friends is full of: warmth and personality.

My next stop was the Beach Jetty, which is owned by Maryanne. She recently moved into the building, expanding her very successful boutique on Second Street by opening this second location just steps away.

The space is darling, truly. You enter at street level and make your way down the steps to find her lovely array of moderately-priced fashions and accessories (I got my dress for Taste the Fruit of the Vine from her this fall, and it was a huge success for the event and for my wallet):

Maryanne was down at the Second Street shop, so Claude (pronounced like ode with a cl on the front) was kind enough to show me some of their newest offerings, like this cute jacket that'd just come in, with its happy balance of structure and comfort (my friend Nathalie needs that jewel-toned blouse on the front of that rack):
And then she showed me these bags, embellished by local artist Esther Ingram - enchanting:

I'm not much of a handbag sort of gal (as evidenced by the frumpy black one that you saw when we visited Circa Home), dear Reader, but I'm a sucker for good design.

I thanked Claude and headed out to find Maryanne down the street (note: I forgot to take a picture of her second storefront in the moment 'cause it was bitterly cold, and it never occurred to me to removed my gloves and snap a shot - so Miss C and I rolled down our window and caught one this morning - that's Miss C giggling in the rear view mirror during our drive-by):

Maryanne is intentional about keeping the selection at each of her locations distinct - each boutique is a unique shopping experience. Her Second Street location features the beachy staples of her Fresh Produce and Life is Good collections:

She, too, had some great sales going on. My favorites were these charming mittens and hats:

As I said goodbye, I realized that no trip to our building would be complete without a trip to Aquamarine:
(Note: I caught this picture one day, and I just realized that I didn't move far enough out into the street to get the sign in the shot - I'll work on remedying that.)

Aquamarine is owned by Maureen, who first opened it downstairs where the Beach Jetty is today:

Maureen has been hugely successful, filling a need for a slightly higher price point in the Lewes women's fashion scene. The gorgeous clothes and accessories that she finds garner her regular followers among Lewes locals, as well as the DC set and beyond. And now she's moved her boutique to roomier digs in another one of The Beneficent Mr. Ted's buildings at 114 Second Street:

In addition to her gorgeous clothing lines, Maureen also carries some unique jewelry, shoes, and accessories:

This bag reminded me of the one I carried when I lived in Vienna:

Maureen knows how to do most everything in style. Heck, she can even make trash bags look inspired in her window story:

I bid her adieu and headed back down to biblion, where the window washer'd just visited, allowing me to finally get some paper up on my windows so that I can ready the space:

Which, dear Reader, I need to log off to do. Onward!  - Jenny


  1. Thank you for the lovely photo tour! Your shop should fit quite well there!

  2. Hi Jen,
    My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Lewes to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!


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