Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving In: Phase I

Dear Reader -  Well, the last few days have been the start of what I'm sure is gonna be an endless whirlwind of activity.

Here's some of what's been happening behind that butcher paper in the windows . . .

I recycled the paper that'd been covering the "new" old floor (see result center), Rehoboth Home Services moved my very heavy boxes of books from the Sorting Room to the center of the shop (see result left), and we assembled the first of the bookcases that Dan and Paul brought back for us on their way home from work in DC (see result right):

Scott and his fellas from Rehoboth Home Services also brought over the little couch that's been living under a sheet in our kitchen (Miss C and our two kitties are dismayed - don't know how they're gonna function from day to day without it) and a couple of comfy chairs:

I put a couple coats of urethane on the old built-in shelving at the back of the shop, so that the books won't stick to the new semi-gloss paint:

I removed all of the old can track light heads and yellow fluorescent bulbs, replacing them with simple, exposed hallogen lights (dig the new fans that Dave from Seaside Electrical Service put in for us):

And we received our first card order from our friends at Borealis Press up in Blue Hill, Maine:

I know that looking at a pile of cardboard boxes doesn't seem particularly sexy or exciting, dear Reader, but watching them roll in the door got my toes to wigglin', kinda like Blossom Dearie's wont to do:

Happy  - Jen


  1. It won't be long now.......looking great so far!!!

  2. As Mr. Mose Allioson said "I just love Blossom!"
    Your shop is Lookin' Great!
    (on my iphone it states that yur utoob clip dinna load).
    Happy Bobby Burns day!

  3. Thanks, Pat, for your and Gary's positive vibes! That's what's helping me put one little foot in front of another!

    So sorry that you couldn't hear Ms. Dearie on your phone, Mr. Boxed Set. Ah, well . . . Dearie and Allison? Auld lang syne me, baby! - J


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