Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A little helpin' of small-town-life-is-just-too-darn-sweet

Dear Reader -  Two or three weeks back the sweetest-little-Lewes-ish thing happened: Carolyn and Matt, two of our regulars, stopped in to ask if they could have some of their engagement photos taken here, saying biblion was just one of their favorite places. Of course I said, "yes," and much clicking of shutters and giggling ensued:

Their photographer, Kate Callahan, was just as charming as they are. My poor iPhone photo pales in comparison to the spread that she took of the blissful couple which she popped up on her blog here [late-breaking editorial addition: gotta say that the combo platter of looking at the pics while listening to Landon Pigg's song - below - is about as perfect as it gets]. Aren't they fantastic? Both the photos and Matt & Carolyn?!

Go love!  - Jenny

P.S. They're looking for a really cool, old, big dictionary (but not too big like the massive Websters that I have up on my upper shelf) to use at their wedding. If you have one that you think might work for the cause, please let me know - thanks!

P.S.S. We gotta have a love song, too - we're not a coffee shop, but we're close enough for horseshoes or engagement photo shoots, and, heck, Landon Pigg's lovely voice sets the perfect tone:

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