Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thank you, Delaware Today!

Dear Reader -  A couple months back, Miss C and I got the most amazing surprise: Delaware Today's critics chose little biblion as the best bookstore downstate (but we couldn't say anything 'till the BoD issue was released):
Given that we'd only been open a month or so, we were pretty shocked, as our thank you note to them attests:

26 April 2011

Maria Hess
Delaware Today
3301 Lancaster Pike, Suite 5-C
Wilmington, DE  19805

Dear Ms. Hess:

By golly! Did you and your colleagues at Delaware Today send Miss C__ and me into a state of utter shock and delight! We couldn’t be more tickled with your choosing little biblion as Delaware’s Best Bookstore Downstate. Thank you!

I picked up your letter late on a Friday – cracked it open, fully expecting some sort of ad sales pitch. I sat in the shop and looked at it without comprehension for several minutes, thinking it had to be some sort of playful joke from one of my well-meaning friends – then, finally processing the “by our critics” designation, understanding began to dawn. I, of course, knew that I couldn’t run out to the streets of Lewes, running willy-nilly, waving the letter and madly heralding our good news, but I did want to tell my daughter, the aforementioned Miss C__.

I wiggled at my desk, impatiently counting the few minutes left ‘till five, being gracious (on the outside) to the guests who happened in just before closing. Then, wishing them a happy evening, I locked up the shop and hustled home to Miss C___. I handed her the letter without (miraculously) giving anything away – she, too, went through the multiple stages of disbelief and joy. Then we did a little happy dance together.

Really, Ms. Hess, you and your Delaware Today friends made our day/month/year! What a gift for a new business!
I’m not fully understanding how the event in July works, but, as you’ve just seen, I’m a little slow on the uptake. I’ll give your office a call to discuss.

Thanks again for your kindness!

With warmest wishes for the best “best” edition ever,

Jen Mason,

We're so touched and gratified by the acknowledgement of our little shop - from our Delaware Today friends and from  you, dear Reader. Thanks so much for supporting us in our beginnings!

Fondly  - Jen, Miss C, and, of course, Nellie

P.S. And, since Tony was Miss C's and my first happy dance favorite back in her infant days, here's a little happy dance music for the occasion!


  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news! Although it makes me all the more eager and anxious to visit... See you and the shop hopefully on July 2nd! (If I can sneak away from my tent...)

  2. Thank you, Jenny! Isn't that what we have booth sitters for? [grin] - J


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