Sunday, February 20, 2011

Worth a thousand words

Dear Reader -  Today was another gift. Words fail.

But pictures are good, right? So I thought I'd snap a few with you as I was preparing to close down for the day. I hadn't yet taken the time to tidy up, so forgive the happy dishevelment of a day of browsing, but this at least gives you a little taste of how the space is beginning to take shape.

Here I'm standing back with the Borealis cards behind Miss C's couch, looking  toward the street:
(See Josephine's beautiful turtle rug in the foreground?)

And here's the view as you walk in the door:
(We made our way through several rounds of coffee table books on those front stands - guests kept adopting them almost as soon as I added new ones.)

Here's the nook to the right of the door:

And here's the one to the left:

The pictures of Miss C's couch and the darling rocker came out too dark - I'm not smart enough to tell the flash what to illuminate. I'll work on getting that one during the day for you sometime soon.

God willing, we'll be in again tomorrow - closed for Tuesday and Wednesday, while Sue helps me ready some more volumes. If you were among the many visitors this weekend, whether corporeal or virtual, thank you. Truly.  - Jen

P.S. Today I was digging Ray Lamontagne - I dig Ray a lot:

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  1. I am so happy for you, and all of your good (of late) fortunes!


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