Friday, February 18, 2011


Dear Reader -  I apologize for not having written this week. Thanks to the help of my lady friends, we're ready to take our semi-soft opening of last weekend (for which I still owe you a post which I've begun drafting) to a fully-soft opening today. However, a rather virulent flu bug as caught me, so I've been spending more time here than at little biblion:
Note the extra pile o' blankets that Miss C kindly came and put over me two nights ago when I was so cold I couldn't stop shaking. Note my pathetic aim for the waste basket. Note my deep appreciation for all medicines of the red dye number whatever persuasion: Cepacol, Sudafed, Ibuprophen, and now, thanks to the pharmacist's recommendation, Benedryl, which helped me sleep through the night for the first time in days. I just thought it was a bad cold, but my friends Libby and Margaret said "Get thee to a doctor!" They were right - now I'm on antivirals, awaiting that magic 24 hours without a fever, so that I can get back to greeting folks at the shop.

I need to get one picture to finish last week's blog, and then I'll get it off to you, dear Reader. Thanks so much for your patience!  - Jenny

P.S. I've been in need of something a little more mellow from my music box. Elizabeth Fraser and the Cocteau Twins have been keeping me company:


  1. I hope that you feel better soon, Congratulations, and I just Knew you were choosing that track!

  2. Mr. Boxed Set! Thank you for your well-wishes! They seem to have worked (along with that yummy Tamiflu).

    You're a Cocteau Twins fan as well? Wow. That's so cool . . . And speaking of tunage, I got your wonderful Magnetic Fields note, too - I'll pen a proper reply just as soon as I can stop to catch a full breath.

    Thanks again - J


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