Monday, December 27, 2010

Farewell to our Thistles friends

Dear Reader -  Well, it's official. Beth and Allyn (and Ellen, too!) have moved on to greener and non-hours-posting pastures.

My dear friend Anne from Connecticut and I stopped in for Beth's last few minutes open on Christmas Eve to say so long:

We looked at art, we chatted about window washers, and we admired Beth's angel pin (given to her by a student years ago):

Allyn now has his weekends back, Ellen's looking forward to traveling, and Beth's opening her arms and heart wide to see what the universe brings to her next.

What I've been struck by as folks have found out that biblion books is moving into their space is how beloved they all are and how deeply missed they'll be - not just as an art shop, but as people, as friends. Folks have come up to me again and again and mentioned spontaneously how wonderfully kind the people of Thistles have been.

What a perfect pattern of beauty that Miss C and I will have to follow and live into.

Thank you, Thistles. Truly  - Jen

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