Friday, December 31, 2010

Cards! Cards!

Dear Reader -  One of the guiding principles that I've been using when choosing card lines (and everything else, for that matter) is making sure that they fit the description of "rare find" - meaning that they're not already carried in town - and, in many cases, in Delaware at all.

To that end, I've been finding individual designers and little card workshops (like Borealis) around the country.

One of my favorite finds, both for the quality and beauty of his cards, as well as for his like-minded philosophy, is Jonathan Wright of Los Angeles:

Here's a little note from his website re. his take on stationery:
"Some say that stationery has gone out of style, I beg to differ. In this world of increasingly rapid-fire and impersonal communications, receiving a tangible hand-written note or inspired invitation has become even more meaningful. If fine social stationery has become a luxury, I say 'indulge,' and I invite you to do so with Jonathan Wright and Company."

And Mr. Wrights cards do have a singularly luscious and indulgent quality to them, finding a rare balance between beauty and whimsy that results in a sort of soul-feeding that I just love.

For instance, take the simplicity of this birthday greeting:

Or this appropriately staid sympathy card:
And I love his beach collection, like these boxed cards for correspondence:

But probably my absolute favorite creations are his vintage stamp cards. He encloses the vintage stamps in acetate, attaches them to the cards with a grommet, and then includes a little note about their history on the back of the card. These are a little more pricey - but just look what you're getting:

What philatelist or vintage art lover wouldn't be tickled to receive such a unique card?

Finally, what drew me to Mr. Wright in the first place was his collection of book plates. His "Matey" design speaks for itself:

Connect all of this to his thoughtful and comprehensive care for nature (find his environmental statement in the About Us portion of his website), and you have yourself a winning designer - perfectly suited to little Lewes, Delaware. Looking forward to perusing his cards with you in person!  - Jen

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