Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lament of the Resort Retailer (Erstwhile) Blogger

Dear Reader -  A month! It's been a bl___y month since I was here last [she exclaims with the requisite level of incredulity]!

I thought at the first of the summer that it was just my initial adjusting to juggling home, charity, and shop commitments that was my blogging stumbling block, but now I see that the stumbling has not ended, nor do I see an end in sight.

It makes me sorta sad, 'cause I do love sharing stories (oh, and heaven knows, dear Reader, we've had more than our fair share of 'em at little biblion this summer!), but I have to resign myself to the realities of the laws of physics (my dear grandfather, Fred, born in 1900, went to catch the train to college in a buckboard wagon - he eventually made it from Sedalia, Missouri, to Baldwin, Kansas, where he graduated with a degree in physics from Baker - he always said, "Everybody needs a little 'fuzzicks.'"). I cannot do everything. Balls must drop. And I must be content with standing here and watching them lying on the ground. I'm thinking that Grandpa and Grandma would understand much more than my childlike perceptions of them would guess:

The good news is that even while I sit here, rather ineffectual as a blogger, the world does move on. And we have been having a spectacularly lovely summer here at biblion. The magic that happened last February hasn't stopped. And folks keep finding us - from all corners of the world.

This week we received a call from Dan Shortridge of the Wilmington News Journal (since Delaware's so tiny, the NJ is kinda like a state paper, though we have some awesome local papers - like our own, independent Cape Gazette, which has been awesome to us). He was pulling together a story about the used book market and spent some time chatting with me - and then he sent his photographer, Jen, down to take a few shots of the shop (which, before she arrived as chock full of regulars and visitors, the last of whom cleared out as she opened the door - and, as soon as she left, as she predicted, the shop filled up again!). They were sweet enough to run a picture of biblion on the front page of yesterday's edition and to include some great quotes from our guests to lead the article. It was super kind of them. Very happy.

So I'm off now to gather up a few books to fill in the shelves, yadda, yadda, yadda. As Miss C said in a  dreamy voice yesterday, "I just love the shape of our life!"

Contentedly  - Jenny


  1. Don't fret about infrequent blog posts....because when you do get a chance to write one, it is always interesting and to read! I was happy to see your shop featured in the News Journal article.

  2. Pat! You made me feel so much better about being a delinquent! Thank you! - J

  3. I love hearing from you..i'll take what I can get.

    Sounds kinda heart shaped at the moment...corny but true! <3

  4. Your little heart shaped moment provided the absolutely perfect balm for my squirrel-in-the-middle-of-the-road-spaz-out self, Todd! [contented sigh . . .] - J


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