Thursday, May 19, 2011

Windows on the World

Dear Reader -  I promise (promise, promise!) that I haven't been a terribly neglectful blogger. I've been an ill-fated one. Every time I've had the time to come here and to start writing to you about our happenings, something funky's happening with Google's Blogspot (like the day that it couldn't load at all, or the day that it couldn't save/post anything that I'd written, etc.). For the last several days it's had me stymied completely, errorring out when auto-saving while I'm trying (repeatedly!) to load a picture.

Now, I'm certain that this is not the brand of entertainment or information that you were seeking when you choose to visit our little blog, so I'm working on a solution. One suggestion that another blogger made to work around the auto-save was to publish first and edit later - so that's what we're gonna attempt. I'm going to publish my little whine session here, and then add in the remainder of my Windows on the World post. We'll see where that gets us, if anywhere!

Wish me luck!  - Jenny

P.S. The post involves this gentleman (the only picture that seems to have escaped the grasp of my auto-save errors!):

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