Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog . . . Redefined

Dear Reader -  One of the most fun parts of my job is listening to guests crack up at our cards. It never fails to happen every single day. And it inevitably seems to have a certain infectious effect, particularly if the "laugher" is in a sociable frame of mind.

Well, today I was working on ordering cards for the spring holidays (like Passover, Easter, and Mother's Day) as well as re-ordering a few (an awesome "problem" to have after being open less than a month!), and in the course of looking up the model numbers I realized that two of our most popular card lines also sport magnets. And after watching how much folks've enjoyed those cards, I just knew they'd love the magnets, too.

Miss C's favorite card line is called Redefined. They take a word and then come up with a new, clever definition. And while their cards are fun, the magnets are even "funner," as they have an immediate gratification factor that having to open a card doesn't allow. All that funny's just right there for us to giggle over. And for "word nerds" like me and Miss C, the Redefined magnets turned out to be a certain slice of heaven.

So I set about choosing enough to fill the display. The problem is that I kept cracking up - which turned out to be a little distracting to the husband and wife who'd happened into biblion at the time. Luckily, they were good sports about it and allowed me to share some of the choicer bits.

The first I shared with the husband, as he happened to be in closer proximity to me and my laptop and was also an unwitting subject: "testosterone, noun. A hormone that makes it impossible for men to cry, enjoy figure skating or buy the right g__d___ duvet cover."

Then, I stumbled upon the most perfect for my nubile blogger self, and I lost all self control and had to share it with the wife (who subsequently chuckled as I shared my card with her, letting her know that I was keeping a blog for the shop):

Ah, dear Reader, it's a good day when you can be humbled by your own (soon-to-be) merchandise.

Bloggingly yours  - Jen

P.S. Two new CDs arrived for the shop today. One is _Satch Plays Fats_, Armstrong's tribute to Waller. It's a treasure, as this sweet duet with Velma Middleton demonstrates:

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  1. I love to giggle at cards! I've no doubt your Shop is going to be a big hit with Summer Folks as well as we 'Locals'. ;)


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